Extra Bases – Pack Of 2



Additional bases (2) in each package.
Driving range base, sturdy and durable, hit an entire bucket
of balls and develop that consistent swing.
Course base designed to play on the golf course with.

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Course Base – 2 Pieces – Black, Practice Base – 2 Pieces – Black

3 Different Bases

The Stationary Bases Are Available in 3 Different Designs.

A pair of black plastic stands with two different size ones.

The Course Base

  • Easy to use.
  • Preferred base to use on the course.
  • Hit it - pull it - go to the next T-box.
A pair of black plastic forks with one pointing to the side.

The Driving Range Base

  • Designed for a firmer grip, the Driving Range Tee is designed to insert and hold while you hit that bucket of balls.
  • A favorite for home use is to hit balls into a net or waffle balls across the yard.
  • Consistent Tee height every time.
  • Helps develop a consistent, clean practice routine.
A 3 d model of a cake with the top half in place.

The Turf Base

  • Designed especially for Golf Practice Mats.
  • No more frustrations with standard rubber tees that don’t give any feedback.
  • 2 sizes available:
  • Residential turf mat height: 0.60 inches tall base height
  • Commercial turf mat height: 0.90 inches tall base height

The Fairway Gauge

It is included in each new set and is a valuable tool for home practice use.
Fairway Gauge works with all three bases and can be reprinted from our website whenever necessary.


A good golf swing is the result of a continual habit formation exercise, not just a thought process.
"Practice doesn’t make perfect...perfect practice makes perfect."


We are the only Tee in the industry that offers a product replacement warranty on any tee or base that is broken. Just go to the warranty section and contact one of our staff representatives for full product replacement information.

A set of golf tees and putting green markers.